Site Awards for 2019-2020

Congratulations to the recipients of our Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Site Awards for 2019-20!

Peter Grantham Resident Teaching Award
Awarded to a first year resident who has demonstrated interest and excellence in teaching.
Awarded to: Dr. Monika Wojtera

Site Medical Education Awards: Peer Selected
Chosen by their peers, these awards recognize faculty in their work as clinical or academic teachers, scholarly faculty, leaders, mentors or coaches.
Awarded to: Dr. Iris Liu and Dr. Jacqueline Ashby

Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice: Co-Site Director Dr. Thanh Luu

Dear Preceptors and Residents,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Dr. Thanh Luu will start as Co-Site Director on July 1st. Dr. Luu brings a wealth of teaching experience. Currently, she is the lead of the Hospitalist Rotation and Site Curriculum Lead. She also brings program experience from her time at University of Saskatchewan where she created the EBM Curriculum and was the Unit Director for the Department of Academic Family Medicine, Regina Site.

Thank you for welcoming her to her new position and feel free to contact either one of us with anything at all about the program.

~ Holden

WHRI: Summer Social Media Workshop Series

As research teams pivot to our new virtual environment, social media is becoming an important tool to support the work of the research community.

The WHRI is pleased to offer our first Summer Social Media Series, a 4-part workshop to support your social media needs. The workshop includes lectures, group discussions, and breakout sessions.

Topics include:

  • Social Media 101: Platforms and practice
  • Social Media Planning: Partnerships, recruitment, and knowledge translation
  • Social Media Metrics: Tips and tools for data collection and visualization

Dates + Times:

  • Wednesday July 15, 2 – 4 pm
  • Wednesday July 29, 2 – 4 pm
  • Wednesday August 12, 2 – 4 pm
  • Wednesday August 26, 2 – 4 pm

Registration is open to both individuals and teams – students and trainees are welcome!

Register now

For questions, please contact Nicole Prestley at or 604.816.7552.

Coach’s Award: Ann Douglas, Site Coordinator

Left to right (faculty & staff): Iris Liu, Ann Douglas, Holden Chow, Jacqueline Ashby, & Thanh Luu.

Just weeks before the pandemic hit, this image was taken to capture our faculty and staff retreat organized by our incredible Site Coordinator, Ann Douglas. When I look at this photo, I’m reminded that our site’s success is reliant upon the efforts of our staff and faculty that are in the constant loop of rethinking and reimagining medical education.

Ann is instrumental in navigating our program through uncharted waters. She amazes us with her ability to organize, strategize, and coordinate our Residents’ educational journey; facilitate site events; and keep us on track. Over the years, she has supported our curriculum and broadened our Residents’ exposure to long-term care facilities as well as shared her knowledge, connections, and resources on the topic. She thoughtfully designs and supports our Preceptor Appreciation events, Resident graduations, and faculty retreats where we all feel cared for and welcomed.

We have grown exponentially, as individuals and as a team, since she joined us and we greatly appreciate her energy and wisdom that she brings to our collective intelligence.

Congratulations Ann!

~ Jacqueline

Congratulations & Coach’s Award: Team 2020

Best wishes to our R2s: Drs. Lydia Hansma, Jeff Van Huizen, Kathleen Ennis, Rylan Duivestein, John Stimson, Danae Tracey, John Dickinson, and Michelle Hanbidge. On the left, Site Coordinator Ann Douglas!

To Team 2020!

Seems like yesterday when we met early one morning and climbed a mountain together. Little did we know that we’d encounter such a large one nearing the completion of your journey that would challenge us in unique ways.

However, during that reflective jaunt in the wilderness, I learned a great deal about you and your desire to share, collaborate, and grow together. Throughout these last two years your enthusiasm, creativity, and desire to achieve have been inspiring. I loved the idea of inviting celebrity chef Michael Smith to our AHD! (Wish I could have been there!)

Your CaRMS video was hilarious and one of those classic keepers. The volleyball games showcased your competitiveness and team spirit. Your energy during our Pub & Papers Scholar Evening made it fun and so well organized. How many zoom meetings run ahead of schedule (and include a goat)?! You were spotless.

Therefore, I’m awarding Team 2020 the Coach’s Award for your perseverance, dedication, and excellence to your craft. I’m proud of you and am looking forward to your future accomplishments and successes. I also want you to know that I’m here, always, should you need to talk and sort things out.

Congratulations! Just keep climbing. And remember when exploring new terrain, be prepared for the unknown and make sure you pack the essentials and a few extras for your comrades.

Your Coach,

Simulcast: Diversity in Simulation

“Simulcast Journal Club is a monthly series that aims to encourage simulation educators to explore and learn from publications on Healthcare Simulation Education. Each month we publish a case and link a paper with associated questions for discussion. Inspired by the ALiEM MEdIC series, we moderate and summarise the discussion at the end of the month, including exploring the opinions of experts from the field.”

The Article for June 2020:
Conigliaro, R., Peterson, K. and Stratton, T., 2020. Lack of Diversity in Simulation Technology. Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 15(2), pp.112-114.

Learn more and participate here: Simulcast Journal Club June 2020 – Diversity in Simulation

Racism: Systemic Roots & Training

“Pulling out the ‘bad apples’ won’t solve the situation. ‘There’s a system problem,’ Dr. Terry Aldred said, ‘and there’s a way-that-we’re-trained problem.’

According to a 2015 report First Peoples, Second Class Treatment, ‘racism against Indigenous peoples in the health care system is so pervasive that people strategize around anticipated racism before visiting the emergency department or, in some cases, avoid care.’
‘It does not make it right and I’m not trying to create excuses,’ said Aldred, ‘but as somebody who walks in both worlds, medical students weren’t trained properly in cultural safety and humility.’ Training was aimed at creating confident practitioners who knew their stuff, she said. ‘They didn’t want the soft-spoken, tender-hearted person necessarily.’ She recalls some of her fellow medical students as exceptionally caring and altruistic whose demeanour changed dramatically after going through medical training.

Nearly 10 years out of school, Aldred is helping change the system from within. Besides her primary care practice with Carrier Sekani Family Services, she is site director with UBC’s Indigenous Family Medicine program, managing 10 medical residents in Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver. These days, residents get five times more Indigenous health content than Aldred did, and time spent working in Indigenous communities.

‘It’s kind of like changing the tide on a tsunami.’”

More here on Healthcare racism investigation should go beyond “bad apples” to systemic roots, says Indigenous doctor via Rocky Mountain Goat.

UBC Virtual HackDev 2020: Team Dynamics


For this hackathon, we’re focusing on the theme of team dynamics. We’ve experienced a significant disruption in our ability to gather and meet face-to-face. Our teams flipped overnight to a virtual platform with an increasing reliance on asynchronous communication to accomplish our tasks. Given the dynamic circumstances, what strategies and methods are best in maintaining alignment of our people, our values, and program objectives? What group adaptations have evolved to ensure team success and fulfillment? What can UBC Faculty of Medicine do to support and develop us as faculty members, so that our teams and how we participate on them function as we want them to?

Spend your morning with us innovating and rethinking our paradigms. Prizes awarded for best ideas!

Register now.

CHES: Articles of Interest in Medical Education


CHES distributes a collection of medical education article abstracts to members. “We thank Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law who has created these summaries for the education community at the Island Medical Program. While these articles have a medical education focus, we are using this opportunity to explore the value of such an initiative to our larger CHES community. Article themes include topics such as: feedback and mindfulness, those by local/BC educators, those relevant to a distributed medical program, and those with new ideas. Our aim is to include a variety of quantitative and qualitative research articles, review articles, and concept articles, some of which contain an interesting editorial or commentary. This summary is not meant to be comprehensive, nor to include everything of potential interest.”

These 3 caught my eye:

1. Pause, persist, pivot: Key decisions health professions education researchers must make about conducting studies during extreme events

2. Training disrupted: Practical tips for supporting competency-based medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic

3. Exploring current physicians’ failure to communicate clinical feedback back to transferring physicians after transitions of patient care responsibility: A mixed methods study

Please click here for the June 2020 edition.

If you would like to nominate an article for future inclusion or have any questions, please email