Do you ever wonder how you’re doing as a clinical educator? Are you looking for an alternative to receiving feedback and coaching on your teaching? Would you like to share your ideas and tips? Peer Observation: By the Preceptors, For the Preceptors is a two-year peer observation initiative, created by and for you, our clinical educators within the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Family Practice Residency program.

Our team has designed a coaching package based on our participants’ preferences and ideas. If you have any additional suggestions that you would like to share, please contact project co-lead Jacqueline Ashby.

I. Participant Must-Haves
Based on our four focus group discussions, the must-have elements of this project include mutual respect, honesty, sincerity, and sense of safety. We also need to provide a platform for participants that is fun, educational, adaptable, and easy to access and use.model.jpegII. Connection
Interested in peer coaching at your clinic or hospital? Download our Participant Profile form to use as a tool to help start the conversation. If you would like to be involved in our UBC initiative, please email me and I will share our UBC internal profile. Use our Log below as a guide to your coaching session.

III. Coaching Log
The Coaching Log is designed to provide a structure for the coach and coachee to record their teaching observations. This guide assists in building a supportive network of colleagues to strengthen professional development and enhance the quality of teaching. The use of this tool is optional and may be further complemented by our UBC Family Practice Preceptor Role Description.

IV. Resources
Searching for additional resources or videos on building relationships, setting goals, giving and receiving feedback, and evaluation? Visit our Coaching Resources.

V. Feedback

Happy Coaching!
Jacqueline, Brenda, & Holden