Left to right (faculty & staff): Iris Liu, Ann Douglas, Holden Chow, Jacqueline Ashby, & Thanh Luu.

Just weeks before the pandemic hit, this image was taken to capture our faculty and staff retreat organized by our incredible Site Coordinator, Ann Douglas. When I look at this photo, I’m reminded that our site’s success is reliant upon the efforts of our staff and faculty that are in the constant loop of rethinking and reimagining medical education.

Ann is instrumental in navigating our program through uncharted waters. She amazes us with her ability to organize, strategize, and coordinate our Residents’ educational journey; facilitate site events; and keep us on track. Over the years, she has supported our curriculum and broadened our Residents’ exposure to long-term care facilities as well as shared her knowledge, connections, and resources on the topic. She thoughtfully designs and supports our Preceptor Appreciation events, Resident graduations, and faculty retreats where we all feel cared for and welcomed.

We have grown exponentially, as individuals and as a team, since she joined us and we greatly appreciate her energy and wisdom that she brings to our collective intelligence.

Congratulations Ann!

~ Jacqueline

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