Chef Michael Smith and Residents.jpg

A big thank you to celebrity chef Michael Smith for visiting the UBC Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Program! We greatly appreciated his time and insight as a champion for public health.

Our Resident, Dr. John Stimson, explained how Michael “educated us on the ground level problems facing dietary counselling of patients, namely the battle against commercial food. Food that is designed to be alluring to the taste buds, refined, and saturated with preservatives and sugar. Food that is cheap at the till but costly to the healthcare system. People are often left confused with what they should eat, constantly inundated with complicated diets or cure all food fads. He stressed that homemade meals can be accessible, affordable, and achievable for all citizens in the country, and that physicians are vital to promote this change.”

We also grabbed a signed copy of Michael’s new book! You’re welcome to check it out at our site’s little library!

I hope that his visit inspires us all to embrace healthier eating habits and to enjoy cooking!



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