Welcoming our new R1s! Drs. Lydia Hansma, Jeff Van Huizen, Kathleen Ennis, Rylan Duivestein, John Stimson, Danae Tracey, John Dickinson, and Michelle Hanbidge. On the left, Site Coordinator Ann Douglas!

Team 2020 made it through Orientation Week! We’re so excited to welcome this fantastic bunch! Our new R1s experienced a packed agenda that included meeting our Mayor of Abbotsford to learning more about Abbotsford-Mission site’s unique context and landscape.

We ended the week with our reflective walk up to Mission’s Westminster Abbey. Reflective walks are an opportunity to quiet the mind and to exercise the ability to be present in one’s immediate surroundings. Following our silent hike up the mountain, each team member received a notebook and was asked to free write for 15-20 minutes. We then reconvened and headed down the mountain for lunch!

Thank you to all that gave their time and energy to greet our Residents and welcome them to our community. We also thank our Residents for selecting our site and allowing us to be a part of their learning journey over the next two years.



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