Wow. Wow. Wow.

Our Pub & Papers Scholar Evening was such a success. Our Residents’ projects were phenomenal on several levels. They all involved a great deal of creativity, collaboration, and community. And from that collaboration emerged a beautiful product.

Collaboration is about the merge of the “I” and “Other” and how that assembles into the “We”. It involves a tension, negotiation, and compromise in order to attain a new vision.

Collaboration, in its sincerest form, is a very delicate, vulnerable, and complex process; however, it tends to result in a richer learning experience that benefit all.

What moved me was that the collaboration extended to the surrounding community and invited their contributions to the projects’ objectives. This included the participation of the public, patients, and physicians who offered further insights and wisdom.

This evening was incredibly rewarding as an individual who works in this program and as a community member. I appreciate the desire of our Residents to focus on our local and global ecology and to draw attention to the emerging needs of our people.

I want to congratulate Dr. Danae Tracey for her Best Presentation Award and her initiative to engage children in sport.

I want to thank Dr. Iris Liu & Dr. Jennafer Wilson for their time, effort, and investment into our Pub & Papers Scholar Evening and especially Dr. Go-At, our Special Guest, who took the time to be interviewed that night with Dr. Liu on the G.O.A.T. (Gather, Observe, Affirm, Test) method for delivering telemedicine.

We’re a lucky bunch to have creativity, community, and collaboration at the heart of what we do!

Enjoy the weekend,

~ Jacqueline

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