A big thank you to the staff and residents of Maplewood Care Society including CEO Heidi Mannis, Resident Director Krista Homfeld, and Board President Ann Douglas for taking the time and energy to explain the role and responsibilities of long-term care environments. We also learned about the innovation and creativity that’s necessary in these settings in order to accommodate families and support residents’ quality of life.

Anne was kind enough to forward us a series of resources that you may find useful:

As part of our ongoing Design Thinking curriculum, our learning objectives for this session and field trip include understanding how to:

  • FM Expert: Provide continuity of care to a patient population through coordination, advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration in a variety of settings.
  • Collaborator: Apply strategies to integrate and engage health care profession colleagues in respectful shared decision-making.
  • Communicator: Actively elicit and synthesize information from and perspectives of patients and families, colleagues and other professionals.
  • Manager: Integrate community resources to support continuity of patient care including other health professionals, community agencies and groups either within the community or on referral out of the community.
  • Health Advocate: Identify barriers to improved health, and accessing resources in the community, and work to ameliorate these barriers.

I know that several of you expressed suggestions to Ann about how long-term care may be improved. We encourage you to continue sharing these ideas and recommendations with us.

Thank you again to all those that participated!

Warm regards,


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