Best wishes to our R2s: Drs. Lydia Hansma, Jeff Van Huizen, Kathleen Ennis, Rylan Duivestein, John Stimson, Danae Tracey, John Dickinson, and Michelle Hanbidge. On the left, Site Coordinator Ann Douglas!

To Team 2020!

Seems like yesterday when we met early one morning and climbed a mountain together. Little did we know that we’d encounter such a large one nearing the completion of your journey that would challenge us in unique ways.

However, during that reflective jaunt in the wilderness, I learned a great deal about you and your desire to share, collaborate, and grow together. Throughout these last two years your enthusiasm, creativity, and desire to achieve have been inspiring. I loved the idea of inviting celebrity chef Michael Smith to our AHD! (Wish I could have been there!)

Your CaRMS video was hilarious and one of those classic keepers. The volleyball games showcased your competitiveness and team spirit. Your energy during our Pub & Papers Scholar Evening made it fun and so well organized. How many zoom meetings run ahead of schedule (and include a goat)?! You were spotless.

Therefore, I’m awarding Team 2020 the Coach’s Award for your perseverance, dedication, and excellence to your craft. I’m proud of you and am looking forward to your future accomplishments and successes. I also want you to know that I’m here, always, should you need to talk and sort things out.

Congratulations! Just keep climbing. And remember when exploring new terrain, be prepared for the unknown and make sure you pack the essentials and a few extras for your comrades.

Your Coach,

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