Left to right: Drs. Chow, Moodley, Singh, Duivestein, Stimson, Hanbidge, Westgeest, Ennis, Van Huizen, Dickinson, Wilson, Dueckman, Hansma, Chen, & Kornelsen.

We did it! The R2s have tied it up in 2019! Admittedly, we had some help from our R1 Dr. Van Huizen. He dominated the sand court as did our Dr. Moodley. Heading into 2020, Drs. Ennis and Hansma may be the ones to watch. Hansma’s serve reminds of the cannonball that Dr. Metcalf repeatedly launched at us last year and Ennis made some unbelievable saves. Nonetheless, it was a clean 3-game sweep and that means our R1s have to hit the field notes and compose a limerick over the next week!

The R1 vs. R2 Volleyball Tourney Standings
2016: R2s
2017: R1s
2018: R1s
2019: R2s

A big shout out to our preceptors Dr. Presley Moodley and Dr. Jeff Kornelsen for joining us this evening!

Looking forward to 2020!


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