The Team! Drs. Wright, Musa, Chen, Dueckman, Wiksyk, Singh, Liang, Chow, Wilson, Parton, Siemens, Griffioen, Steve (UK), Metcalf, Friderichs, & Shokar!


Let me start this off by saying that I’m quite shocked at the outcome of this tournament! I thought my R2s had it in the bag and then Dr. Dan Metcalf (R1) served. Honestly, I think we’re all still recovering from his domination. As winners of the 3rd Annual R1 vs. R2 Volleyball Tourney, R1s received their Henry Weinhard Root Beer trophy!

Victorious R1s!

Second place team members have to compose a limerick based on their field notes and have it submitted to me by Friday, July 6th. The limericks will be reviewed and a winner announced Monday, July 9th. The winner receives a fantastic consolation prize! 🙂

2nd Place R2s!

I want to thank those of you that came out to play and those that joined us for support. Hands down this is one of my favourite events that we share with our Residents and the best way to end a season.

Much love to you all this summer!


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