Presley Moodley works as a family doctor in Abbotsford and is one of the 1500+ valued preceptors across the province who dedicate time, energy, and thought to supporting UBC Family Practice residents. What keeps Dr. Moodley inspired and resilient?

Who do you teach?
I teach medical students, residents, nurses at residential care facilities and most of all I try to teach myself each and every day.

What do you enjoy about teaching?
For me teaching is about giving back. Canada and Abbotsford have been a dream come true for me and this is my way and saying thank you for the opportunities I have blessed with, by this beautiful nation.Teaching is awesome because helping people is by far the greatest reward in life.

Who is one teacher that had a significant positive impact on you? What did s/he do that was so effective?
My dad has had the greatest positive impact on me. He is not in the medical field but what he has taught me in life, I use on a daily basis as a physician. He taught me that as a human being we should strive to improve in every way possible on a daily basis, for this is how we grow as humans. He is also ever willing to help anybody he is able to help. This is so effective to me because as physicians our worlds are constantly changing and we have to strive to continuously improve and we have the ability to help people on a daily basis in what we have chosen to do.

What teaching skills or areas are you currently working to refine?
This is my third year being a preceptor so I am always looking at ways of improving this new role in my life.

What do you do for fun outside of teaching?
Hiking with my family and fishing has to be be top of my list but I am happy doing anything that my awesome family are up for, as I have 3 boys who are full of energy.

(As featured in the Fall 2016 UBC Family Practice Residency Program Preceptor Newsletter. Interview conducted by Bill Upward, UBC Teaching & Learning Strategist.)


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