Jeff Kornelsen works as a family doctor in Mission and is one of the 1500+ valued preceptors across the province who dedicate time, energy, and thought to supporting UBC Family Practice residents. What keeps Dr. Kornelsen inspired?

Who do you teach?
Anyone who will listen! I would teach my kids more but they’re adults now and are sometimes less inclined to listen…actually I have learned that it’s not much good to teach all the time. I do enjoy teaching residents, colleagues, and coworkers, and most of all I teach patients, all day, every day at work.

What inspired you to teach?
My profession has taught me a lot. I think, like most people who have a fair bit of experience, I have something to give. Teaching one patient can make a big difference to that person but teaching a resident could have generations of impact!

Who is one educator that had a significant impact on you? What did s/he do that was so effective?
My dad was a teacher. I think I caught his passion for teaching. Dr. Ed Korchinski was my favorite preceptor.  Nothing phased him. He was always steady, wise, and supportive.

How do you establish and maintain a good working relationship with your resident?
Definitely the most important thing is to be interested in who they are. Respecting them should follow naturally. Of course you will uncover learning needs, but find out what their felt needs are, and address those.

What do you predict will be our biggest medical advancement in the year 3000?
I have no idea what that year will entail! But long before then, we will be treating conditions genetically. I’m pretty sure most traces of today’s medicine will be unrecognizable. Somehow patients will still need to be known and cared for; I don’t think you can have genuine movement toward health without that.

Meet Dr. Presley Moodley next!


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