Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Griffioen! Although he and his fellow R2s succumbed to the R1s during our recent volleyball match, Dr. Griffioen came back from defeat and prevailed with the power of his pen! As winner of the 2018 Field Note Limerick Contest, Bruce will receive the newly released bestseller “105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia”!

Now for the winning limerick:

There’s a great program in Abby and Mission,
Where you can learn to be a physician,
You start young and naive,
But then when you leave,
You’ve made a triumphant transition.

As an R1 you’re slow and so pensive,
Your SOAP notes are very extensive,
You scour UptoDate
About methotrexate
And the dose of each antihypertensive.

You gain confidence as an R2,
Patients actually start to trust you,
You can do an excision,
Without supervision,
And wait the whole day to review.

You’ve been given a solid foundation,
To start in this hallowed vocation,
So give recognition,
To every physician,
That contributed to your graduation!

~ Dr. Bruce Griffioen

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