20160617_072104Good morning!!

It’s that time of year when I reach out and say, “Let’s get together for coffee! My treat!”

As the Site Program Coach, one of my objectives is to meet with each preceptor and resident to discuss your goals and ideas as well as provide you with the educational resources you need for your success.

Over the past year, I’ve met with over 60 Preceptors, Specialists, and Residents. I’ve learned a great deal and through our dialogue we, as a program, have been able to take your thoughts and suggestions and create change. We’re going to continue on this path with your help and guidance. So let’s get some java!

My schedule is fairly flexible:
Monday: 930 – 1330, 1700 – 2000
Tuesday: 930 – 1330
Wednesday: 930 – 1330
Thursday: 930 – 1330
Friday: 930 – 2000
Saturday & Sunday: Flexible

I look forward to hearing from you!


(On Kaffeeklatsch: Over the holidays, I was reading UBC’s “Faculty Development Preceptor Needs Assessment 2015 Summary” and one of the preceptors suggested “regular kaffeeklatsch.” Kaffeeklatsch is German for an informal social gathering at which coffee is served.)

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