“Minnie Teng is among the 2021 awardees of a 2021 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant from AMS Healthcare. Nine remarkable individuals, and their multidisciplinary teams, were selected by an external expert review panel. Their work will help transform healthcare by ensuring that technologies are enabling of healthcare’s compassionate purpose.

Minnie Teng, UBC Clinical Instructor & Medical Student

Teng, a second-year medical student at UBC who is also a clinical instructor with the department of occupational science and occupational therapy, received the grant for her project entitled, ‘Optimizing interactions between humans and artificial intelligence when administering remote cognitive assessments.’

Her team is collaborating with people with disabilities to pilot remote assessments to evaluate how the design of human-computer-environment interactions can be optimized for compassionate care.

‘We are honoured to be the recipients of this award that will allow us to explore how software, hardware, environment, and people interact and impact healthcare in virtual settings,’ Teng said. ‘The study will contribute significantly to the scarce literature on how design of the environment and tasks can influence perception and delivery of compassionate care.'”

More on Minnie Teng awarded grant for artificial intelligence healthcare project via UBC Faculty of Medicine.

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