The Eye, 1945 by Salvador Dali

For those of you that want to brush up on ophthalmology prior to your rotation, UBC’s Medicine – Education Media created a series of videos to support your learning. They include:

Slit Lamp Overview
Slit Lamp Techniques
Direct Ophthalmoscope
Visual Acuity
Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP)
Extra Ocular Movements
Confrontational Visual Fields
Lid Eversion
Drops & Flouroscein

In addition, here are some fantastic resources to peruse via

Tim Root
Strength: Beginner-level overview of ophthalmology exam techniques and common diagnoses that is fun to read and useful for establishing a solid foundation.

Strength: Comprehensive articles that are useful for learning more about patient cases and for developing presentations.

University of Iowa – EyeRounds
Strength: Contains ophthalmology exam and surgery tutorials, a searchable collection of images, a great glaucoma curriculum, and the most widely used gonioscopy instructional resources.

Strength: A comprehensive site reviewing OCT interpretation with dozens of practice cases that let you hone your skills in real clinical scenarios.

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