“Telehealth involves a range of tools that are each optimally useful in different settings and should accordingly be selected when most applicable. Ultimately, the goal is to bring people closer together when they are geographically separated. Enhanced timely access to high-quality generalist services, improved outcomes and experiences for patients, and enriched relationships between all stakeholders are some important end points that coincide with the goals of the Triple Aim Initiative. Ideally, telehealth modalities will be incorporated collectively into a holistic, multi-dimensional, patient-centred communication strategy. The relationship between technology and medicine is evolving. As we think about the future, it actually becomes difficult to envision a health care system without telehealth modalities used to support patient-centred care and enhanced relationships.”

More on Telehealth and patient-doctor relationships in rural and remote communities (2016) by Toh, Pawlovich, & Grzybowski via Canadian Family Physician.

During our most recent storm, I thought about how we can best deliver care when roads and transportation are inaccessible. The implementation of telehealth is one alternative.

Know before you head out on the roads and drive safe. Here are a few resources to check our current weather & road conditions.

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