“SimWars, originally developed by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM), is a clinical performance competition which specifically utilizes healthcare simulation technologies and processes to provide teams standardized opportunities to showcase their clinical abilities.

Twenty-two healthcare professionals are in position and at their stations and await the arrival of the competitors. This senior team includes doctors, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, over 20 volunteers and staff from four gracious sponsors. The first group of five students competing in SimWars await their instructions. Suddenly, a trainer appears and says: ‘Code Blue. Arrest team upstairs to Room One.’ The five students with various experience ranging from first year students to seniors, dressed in color-coded scrubs, race up the stairs to begin their first of three test scenarios.”

More on SimWars Medical Simulation Competition Expands Across Ireland via Healthy Simulation.

Interested UBC learners? I am! If you want to arrange something like this contact me at jacqueline.ashby@ubc.ca. Let’s see what we can do.

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