King Traditional School in Abbotsford

“‘It’s a smell like I’ve never experienced, and I’ve been around a lot of different farms my entire life,’ said Gaudette. ‘At first, parents thought that it was rotting carcasses — that’s how putrid and horrible the smell was.’

She said people at the school have become nauseous, had headaches, and had respiratory issues due to the odour.

The company, 93 Land Company, declined an interview request from CBC News, but said in a statement it uses the property as a poultry farm and poultry litter storage facility.

Gaudette said it’s the manure that’s creating the foul smell — which she describes as ‘toxic’ — as it’s being stored under an open-air canopy that releases fumes.”

More on Foul odour returns to Abbotsford elementary school (2019) via CBC.

‘It’s a putrid, horrific smell’: Parents cry foul over odour at Abbotsford school (2018) via CBC.

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Petition says pot-grow stench led to ‘Summer of Stink’ in Fraser Valley (2019) via The Abbotsford News.

Farm blamed for sickening stink repeatedly violated environmental orders (2018) via CBC Investigates.

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