“There has been rapid growth in older caregivers (OCs) age 65+ in the UK. Playing a fundamental role in the life of their care-recipient, helping to sustain preferred place of care, with many delivering over 50 hours of weekly care. OCs may themselves have age and caring role associated health issues. Spending cuts mean fewer now qualify for support. Understanding the breadth and extent of OCs unmet needs can inform support to help OCs maintain their wellbeing and caring role. In total 10 of 4407 identified records satisfied the inclusion criteria. Eight unmet need domains were identified, many were interrelated and displayed interplay: psychosocial, service, informational, constancy of care, future care planning, physical health issues, reluctance to utilise services, and financial needs.”

The Unmet Health and Social Care Needs of Older Caregivers: A Systematic Review (2019) by Khan et al. via BMJ Supportive & Palliative.

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