This free webinar forms part of a guest blog by Professor Stewart Mennin on the topic:

The Anatomy of a Wicked Problem
Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 13:00 (1pm) BST/UK.

The AMEE webinars are currently free of charge. You can view the webinar here when the presentation starts.

Wicked Problem is a pattern in any situation that causes difficulties for which there are no obvious, available and known solutions. Any problem that is extreme, intractable, massively entangled, and complex. For example, changing the pattern of the curriculum of a medical school or institution with the goal of improving people’s lives.

The advantage of knowing the anatomy of complex wicked problems is that it is similar in all wicked problems regardless of context.  A distinction is made between a larger system-wide wicked problem and a sticky issue embedded in a wicked problem.

A sticky issue is something upon which we are focused currently and with which we are engaged.  For example, establishing a consistent institution-wide assessment of learning as part of a large curriculum change.  Three illustrations depict the anatomy of a wicked and a sticky issue. This webinar is for all teachers, students, administrators and communities of health professionals who deal with wicked problems and sticky issues in their day-to-day work lives.

Places are limited, so please connect early to avoid disappointment.

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