Health Professions Educators have been challenged to come up with more efficient and effect ways of instruction that both protect the safety of our patients and are learner centered. Fortunately, there has been an explosion of new educational technologies that make possible creative new instructional approaches. In this presentation, we will present an example of Cognitive Simulations in which we downloaded hundreds of radiology, pathology and ECG cases – so many cases that the learner has at their disposal the same experience it would otherwise take years to accumulate. The vision is to have our learners practice on these cases in the same way a violinist would practice their scales: practicing to mastery before attempting the performance that matters. Using the results of our research on trainees at all levels of expertise, we will address questions like: How do we know how many cases to offer? Which cases in particular? What feedback is optimal? In what order?

Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Time: 12:00pm to 1:30pm (feel free to bring a bagged lunch)
Locations: LSC 1312 CMR (host venue), DHCC 2230, RJH CA 120, NHSC 9-374
Remote: Additional locations are available. Please email to request an additional site.

Learn more here.

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