The third webinar in the AMEE Autumn Webinar series will hosted by the AMEE Simulation Committee and presented by Debra Nestel, Alexis Battista, & Katie Walker on:

Theories informing simulation practice: How can I use theory in my simulation practice?
Wednesday 16 October 2019 at 14:00 (2pm) BST/UK.
The AMEE series is currently free to join.
Please register here.

This webinar will follow from the previously highly successful webinars in 2017 that feature theories that inform simulation practices. The aim of the webinar is to make specific theories accessible to simulation practitioners. The webinar will first orientate attendees to the notion of theories and educational practices. You will hear from two presenters – Alexis Battista and Katie Walker – sharing their experiences of two different theories. First, activity theory and how it has been applied to improve simulation practices. Anyone who uses simulation as an educational method will benefit from attending.

Places are limited, so please connect early to avoid disappointment.

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