The forthcoming webinar in partnership with the AMEE CPD Committee will be presented by David Wiljer:

Involving patients, families and new perspectives into CPD
Monday, October 7, 2019
4:00 (2pm) GMT +1 Hour
Register here!

As of 2019 the AMEE webinar series will be entirely free. You can access the webinars by joining here when the webinar begins. Due to limited space it is advisable to join on time as AMEE cannot guarantee entry to the webinars.

This Webinar will explore approaches and opportunities for involving patients and their families into Continuing Professional Development.

We will explore practical issues around recruitment, training of faculty, various concerns from stakeholders, and payment in order to address barriers and ensure the successful and meaningful involvement of patients and their families in CPD.

The Webinar is intended for CPD professionals, administrators, researchers, learners and patients and families who are interested in advancing the field.

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