The Pain of Childhood Illness. Dr. Jaswant Guzder painted her son’s experiences during his treatment for aplastic anemia at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The painting was part of the 2016 Journeys Through Health exhibition via Art that heals McGill Med-E News.

“A growing body of research suggests that early exposure to art interpretation in medical education may in fact increase students’ ability to tolerate ambiguity. The educational approach known as Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) involves group discussion of art images where learners are encouraged to carefully observe pieces, verbalise their personal interpretations, and interact with their peers’ viewpoints while affirming the co-existence of multiple possible meanings. Research suggests that tolerance for ambiguity is a ‘state’ not a ‘trait.’ This means that our ability to admit uncertainty—whether in art or in medicine—can be taught, and that programmes such as VTS may help us to hone these skills.”

It’s not all black and white––can art help doctors navigate medical uncertainty? by Olson via the BMJ Opinion.

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