Image: Prototype for a “bionic eye” designed by researchers at the University of Minnesota via AAAS
Credit: University of Minnesota, MCALPINE GROUP

“The innovations I describe here—many of which are still in early stages—are impressive in their own right. But I also appreciate them for enabling the shift away from our traditional compartmentalized health care toward a model of ‘connected health.’ We have the opportunity now to connect the dots—to move beyond institutions delivering episodic and reactive care, primarily after disease has developed, into an era of continuous and proactive care designed to get ahead of disease. Think of it: ever present, analytics-enabled, real-time, individualized attention to our health and well-being. Not just to treat disease, but increasingly, to prevent it.”

12 innovations that will revolutionize the future of medicineAnalytics-enabled, individualized attention will not just treat disease, but increasingly, prevent it by D. Kraft via National Geographic.

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