2018-2019 Crew

Oh it’s going down! Our 4th Annual R1 vs. R2 Volleyball Tourney is right around the corner! The objective this year is to shut down Dr. Metcalf’s serve because when that ball hits your arm it feels like you’re returning a cinder block. He dominated last year and silenced the R2s quickly in the first game. This year, I’m not sure. The R1s are a tight and strategic group known for employing their sense of humour and silliness to distract their opponents. I’ve been on the other side of the net and it’s hard to focus when you’re giggling! However, the R2s may have a little extra fire in their belly as they need to pull this off to tie the current standings.

The R1 vs. R2 Volleyball Tourney Standings
2016: R2s
2017: R1s
2018: R1s
2019: TBA

First place winners will take home a bottle of the best darn root beer this side of Saskatchewan and the second place team has to compose a limerick based on their field notes and have it submitted to me by Friday, July 5th. Last year, Dr. Bruce Griffioen penned the winning entry! Need help writing a limerick? Watch this 2 minute video!

Join us for this exciting afternoon and evening!

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019
Time: 1300-1600
Location: Sand Courts, Mission Brew Pub, Mission, B.C.

See you soon!


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