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Dr. John Pawlovich is working with Carrier Sekani Family Services to improve the delivery of care for rural and remote Indigenous communities.

“I try to have students appreciate that delivering culturally-appropriate care means learning from the people and these communities. They are your mentors. If you really want to be a healer, and not just a service provider, then you need to build strong relationships.” ~ Dr. John Pawlovich

Our Dr. John Pawlovich is featured in the recent UBC Faculty of Medicine Pathways issue Beyond the Boundaries! Over the years, Abbotsford-Mission Residents have been incredibly fortunate to accompany Dr. Pawlovich on his journeys to British Columbia’s remote and rural regions. When our Residents return from their rotation, they express to me how they’ve acquired new ways of learning and understanding the practice of medicine in small communities. One of the great challenges they describe is that this new context requires planning ahead and coordinating their limited resources with greater efficiency and efficacy. They often highlight the need to develop trust in one another and to work together as team with their fellow healthcare practitioners. Residents explain that this is a key point in their development as they exercise their independence and autonomy as well as discover their latent skills and attributes that emerge in these new unique landscapes. The toolbox was larger than initially thought!

We always appreciate a visit from Dr. Pawlovich during our Academic Half Day. He shares his experience on establishing meaningful relationships and delivering care in these communities. We thank him for his commitment to the program and to the development of our future family physicians. Read more on going above and beyond here!

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