IDEO on How to Reimagine the Healthcare Experience. Journey Mapping.


Hope you are well! We’ve had the opportunity in our Academic Half Day to discuss journey mapping. It was brought up again in IDEO’s session yesterday on “How to Reimagine the Healthcare Experience” (see image above). One of the useful aspects of patient journey mapping is that it helps practitioners/learners as well as the patient/caregivers understand where their roles are positioned and potentially most influential in the patient experience. If you’re interested in learning more on this method, TUDelft facilitates a tuition-free EdX course on “Design in Healthcare: Using Patient Journey Mapping.”

In the comment feed of the session, Cianelli’s et al. (2016) paper “An Innovation Road Map: A Guide for Nurse Leaders” was cited. I highly recommend giving it a read as many of the issues discussed are relevant to all healthcare educators and learners.

Other items of interest that flew across my desk:

Doctors under observation: How coaching is changing medical education in Canada (Thank you Dr. Liu)

Tuition-free EdX Harvard course on The Opioid Crisis in America and DoaneX course on Health Coaching for Patient Care.

Oxford Journal’s Family Practice Best Paper 2018 Award.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons will be at the Chan Centre next week! So thrilled about this! Connect here.

Ergo your office space. UBC tutorial.

Have a great week!

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