Good morning!

We’re changing it up this Wednesday! Instead of meeting at Rotary Stadium at 1800, we’re going to gather at Abbotsford Recreation Centre at 600 to play some early morning basketball! If you’re not an ARC member, there’s a small fee of $5-6.

When: Wednesday, January 18 @ 600
Where: Abbotsford Recreation Centre, Basketball Courts

My Golden State Warriors are dominating right now! It’s a beautiful thing to watch a group of people so in sync with one another—I tell you. This team dug deep to rethink their roles and get creative about their offense. As a result, they’re revolutionizing the game.

Want to see something special? Check out the highlights! There’s a play at 5:47. Thompson steals the ball, passes it to Curry, and the rest is history. Flawless. Gives me chicken skin every time I watch it!

Schedule for ARC Drop In.

See you tomorrow morning!


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