Sepsis Steps. Training tool for teaching the progression of sepsis stages via Wikipedia.

“Despite significant progress over the last 20 years in increasing awareness of sepsis (infection induced organ dysfunction) among healthcare providers (HCPs), the public, and patients/families, there remains much to be accomplished, with sepsis morbidity and mortality remaining unacceptably high. For HCPs, early identification of sepsis is paramount for initiating early appropriate therapy. For the lay person, recognizing when they or a family member are at significant risk for sepsis requiring prompt evaluation by a HCP may be life-saving. And for patients hospitalized with sepsis, patient and family understanding of the sepsis disease process is important not only for the provider patient/family relationship but also for the postdischarge period since repeat admission after discharge is common. The primary reason for hospital readmission after a sepsis diagnosis is infection, often resulting in poor outcomes. In this issue of Critical Care Medicine, Fiest et al. provide the reader with a scoping review of the literature to establish what is known as to the degree of sepsis awareness and education among the three aforementioned groups, as well as the vehicles that provide that awareness and education.”

More on Sepsis Awareness Is Good, Please Do Not Let It Be Misunderstood* via Critical Care Medicine.

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