Congratulations to our family medicine physicians on their recent graduation. You all received a small pouch of gladiolus bulbs from me. As I promised, here are the instructions for planting and caring for these stunning flowers. Plant them now!

Also did you know…

“Bulb extracts of Gladiolus dalenii reportedly used in the treatment of fungal infections in HIV/AIDS patients in the Lake Victoria region were tested for antifungal activity using the disc diffusion assay technique. Commercially used antifungal drugs, Ketaconazole and Griseofulvin (Cosmos Pharmaceuticals) were used as standards. Dichloromethane (CH2CL2)/Methanol (MeOH) in the ratio 1:1. Soluble extracts showed antifungal activity against Aspergillus niger. Direct bioautography on silica gel Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and appropriate spraying agents were used to identify the active component in the extract. The activities of both the extracts were higher than that of Griseofulvin. CH2CL2 soluble extract in addition showed ability to delay sporulation in A.niger. The active group of compounds in the extracts was identified as alkaloids, which offer immense potential for development of new and valuable pharmaceutical products.”

Learn more on the “Antifungal Activity of Crude Extracts of Gladiolus Dalenii van Geel (Iridaceae)” via Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med.

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