“The current Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine injection methods are simple: withdraw from the vial 0.30 mL of fluid, insert the needle into the deltoid muscle, inject, withdraw the needle, discard the syringe/needle into the disposal bin—done. However, this discards about 0.08 mL of fluid left in the dead space of the standard 25 g 1.5 inch syringe/needle.

When you draw up 0.30 mL of fluid into a syringe, you are actually drawing up 0.38 mL; the extra 0.08 mL in the dead space amounts to about 20% of vaccine material being discarded. If using the new high-efficiency low dead space syringe recommended by Pfizer-BioNTech, which has a dead space volume of 0.035 mL, that is still about an 11% loss for a 0.30 mL injection [Figure 1].

The Moderna vaccine is injected in 0.5 mL increments using the standard injection syringes/needles and methods, which requires drawing up 0.58 mL of fluid (this includes 0.08 mL in the dead space). The fluid left in the dead space amounts to about 14% being discarded.

The loss of vaccine material due to an inefficient injection technique is enormous, but a simple remedy exists. How can you use that 0.08 mL of fluid from the dead space?”

Learn more on Dead Volume Air Flush: How To Save 1.3 million vaccine doses in Canada via BCMJ.

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