“The BC Women’s Health Foundation and eciprocal Consulting are honoured to partner to uplift the voices of Indigenous women across BC who shared their experiences about the state of their health and their shifting health priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic within the pages of this report,  In Her Circle.

Narratives of Indigenous women are rooted in nature, as is this report, which weaves in metaphors of seeds, stones and cement. In reflection of these shared experiences and those shared for the BC Women’s Health Foundation In Her Words report (2019) and the In Plain Sight report (2020), clear recommendations are articulated in a Gift Bundle of recommendations (on page 26) that represent actions we need to take to enable the cement to be broken, the stones to instead create space for seeds, and Indigenous women to flourish.

The BC Women’s Health Foundation, in partnership with Reciprocal Consulting, released their newest report, In Her Circle. Grounded in the stories and narratives of Indigenous women across BC, this report shares the experiences of Indigenous women throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It conveys their experiences of barriers accessing healthcare as well as experienced racism—facets that are already well known, yet amplified during the pandemic. The report also, however, tells of stories of resilience and community among this group of women and in their communities.”

Artist: Margaret August

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