“Last July, Statistics Canada reported that more than 30% of Chinese Canadians perceive themselves to be at a higher risk of possible violence or harassment. In February, data released by Vancouver police showed a 717% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes. Notably, youth under 18 and adults age 55 and older were 233% and 250% more likely to be coughed and spat upon during a hate incident. Attacks described in the report range from a young child being thrown off a bicycle to an older woman being punched.”

“Spitting or coughing on someone deliberately is done not only to infect Asian Canadians, but also to follow through on a warped sense of vengeance that feeds into long-standing stereotypes around Asian people and disease,” said Kennes Lin of @ccncto.

More on Physical assaults, spitting on older people and children among soaring number of anti-Asian hate incidents reported in Canada via Toronto Star.

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