Demonstrators carrying placards with several hashtag slogans via သူထွန်း – Own work.

“The internet did not come down with [COVID-19]. There was a military coup where I am living and almost 200 protestors have been shot [as of] now. The regime has decided to shut off all communications by tomorrow.”

The student then writes to the instructor again, this time to confirm if they should be worried about missing the test.

“Of course you should. The next time you miss something, it’s over,” the instructor responds. 

“By the way, your remarks (both related to this course and to your home country) made me wonder how you understand reality,” he continues. “People don’t get shot for just protesting, but for a lot deeper reasons.”

More on Instructor’s exchange with student in Myanmar disregards school values, says York University via CBC News.

#YorkUniversity #SupportOurLearners #MyanmarProtest #MilkTeaAlliance

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