CyberPatient-Platform-360x220.jpg“Many of our existing training options, like simulation mannequins and standardized patients, come with a big price tag. And while nothing can beat the experience of training in a real-life setting, the beauty of CyberPatient is that it allows students to overcome some of their nervousness and learn from their mistakes before ever meeting a real patient,” says Dr. Qayumi. “Essentially, it’s helping bridge the gap between theory and practice in medical education.”

In an effort to see his vision fulfilled and transform health for everyone, Dr. Qayumi will be offering CyberPatient to developing nations of the world for free through IHI’s non-profit affiliate, CanHealth International.

“I know how difficult it can be for people in some countries to reach the level of education that we all enjoy here. It’s my duty to make a difference to human beings around the world and I’m very fortunate that UBC has inspired me and supported me along the way,” says Dr. Qayumi.

More on Cyber patients are training the world’s future doctors via UBC Faculty of Medicine.

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