drone-powered-hospital-leo-a-daly_dezeen_2364_col_7-1704x959.jpg“Architecture and engineering firm Leo A Daly has proposed building ‘drone-powered’ hospitals in hurricane-prone areas, which could continue operating even when roads are closed or destroyed.

Egea points out that, with roads made unusable by the hurricane, staff, family members and suppliers couldn’t always reach hospitals, in some cases leaving patients cut off from care, medication, food and air conditioning.

‘When barges finally began entering the port with supplies, there were still cases where they were unable to get those supplies to those who needed it, including the elderly and critical patients who can’t move from those facilities,’ he said.

‘I thought, why couldn’t we bypass all that and have whatever is in the barges taken directly to the hospitals, and directly to patients?'”

More on Drone-equipped hospitals could be resilient to disasters via dezeen.

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