Hiking along Fort St. John’s Peace River with Site Director Dr. Wright.

“People support what they create. Bring them into the process of creation so that you’re not trying to sell someone on your idea, but working together on ‘our’ idea. There’s art & science to co-creation.” ~ Bryan Walker on How to Create Change in Your Organization via IDEO

Speaking of co-creation, thank you to our Fort St. John Family Practice Residency Site staff, preceptors, and residents for joining Dr. Christie Newton and me for dinner Wednesday evening to discuss how we can better support our rural programs and design a thriving community of care.

Here are a few items that caught my attention this week:

Having a Vomit SALAD with Dr. Jim DuCanto via EMCrit RACC.
Pokemon Go player urges gamers to carry naloxone via CBCNews.
300,000 Canadian health professionals call for action via CAPE.
An innovative program for elderly adults via HMS (read the paper here.)
Smartphone & social media-based cardiac rehabilitation via The Lancet.
UBC swimmer sheds stigma of depression via UBC News.
Cities enhancing public spaces with nature via Children & Nature.
Alberta slashes minimum wage for teen students via The Globe and Mail.
Raising our child to get plenty of screen time via The New Yorker.
Helpful Simulation Guides via Healthy Simulation.
The environmental impact of conferences via dezeen. Idea for #FMF?
A polio-like disease continues to baffle researchers via Popular Science.
Only 20 Nobels in the sciences have gone to women. Why? via PRI.
Roasting fruits and veggies whole creates less waste via treehugger.
Attending the The Lancet Countdown 2019?

Happy Thanksgiving to our UBC Family Practice Residency Sites! We appreciate all that you do.

Warm regards,


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