RETAIN-Resuscitation-Game.jpg“The Retain Game originated from a vision to provide this training environment with a focus on neonatal resuscitation out of the University of Alberta Hospital & Royal Alexandra Hospital Edmonton. The RETAIN team designed the educational game platform ‘RETAIN’ (Resuscitation TrAINing for Healthcare Professionals) to train healthcare professionals in neonatal resuscitation in a cost-friendly and accessible way. The RETAIN platform (RETAIN Labs Medical Inc., Edmonton, Canada) consists of a board game and a computer game, as tools that complement the physical simulation-based education to improve knowledge retention during neonatal resuscitation in the delivery room.”

More on Canadian Simulation Educators Create RETAIN Board Game to Train Neonatal Resuscitation via Healthy Simulation.

The Research: RETAIN: A Board Game That Improves Neonatal Resuscitation Knowledge Retention (2019) by Cutumisu et al. via Frontiers in Paediatrics.

Play Retain Game.

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