Ashley C. Ford: Imagination Is a Creative Superpower from 99U on Vimeo.

“Racism is not really about hate. Racism is about a lack of imagination. Racism is about what you can’t imagine what that other person being worth, being worthy of, or being able to contribute to the world.”

~ Ashley Ford

“In her inspiring 99U talk, writer Ashley C. Ford explains how significant life experiences opened up her ability to expect things she didn’t previously think were possible for herself and others. The lack of imagination, Ashley tells us, is what holds us back as humans. But nurturing the superpower of imagination within yourself opens up endless possibilities for your work, life, and impact on other people.

About Ashley C. Ford: Ashley C. Ford is a writer, podcaster and educator who lives in Brooklyn. She is writing a memoir entitled Somebody’s Daughter, which will be published by Flatiron Books under the imprint An Oprah Book. Ford is working on a collection of interviews (B-Side Chats) with her husband, Kelly Stacy.

She was also the host of the first season of Audible.Com’s literary interview series, Authorized. She has been named among Forbes Magazine‘s 30 Under 30 in Media (2017), Brooklyn Magazine‘s Brooklyn 100 (2016), and Time Out New York‘s New Yorkers of The Year (2017).” via 99u!

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