Shout out to our local Family Physician Dr. Lawrence Yang (@GatewayMedic) for launching his first #FTSintheFonda with guest Jana Buhlmann (@baldgrrl)! Jana is a Patient and Caregiver Advocate in BC. 

So many pearls packed in this car ride but I especially appreciate the dialogue on patients conducting their own research and how greater access to information has changed the dynamic between physicians and patients. Can we build a trusted source of online resources that empowers physicians, patients, and their caregivers? 

Thank you Lawrence and Jana for sharing your courageous conversation with the world.

#FamilyPhysicians #PartneringWithPatients #LawrenceYang  #JanaBuhlmann #FTSintheFonda #Healthcare #AcceleratingCompassion #MedEdTwitter

2 thoughts on “Partnering with Patients

  1. Thanks so much Jacqueline!! As with most endeavours like this, one never knows how it will be received. Your passion and enthusiasm is inspiring!


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