waste in healthcare“MDs drive 80% of all healthcare costs (e.g., which patients are seen and how frequently; which patients are hospitalized; which tests, procedures, and surgical operations are administered; which technologies are used; and which medications are prescribed). (Berwick & Hackbarth , 2012)

As leaders in the health care system, physicians regularly engage in the stewardship of health care resources. In a complex system with competing priorities and demands, resource stewardship is often challenging.

As a busy clinician teacher, you recognize the importance of stewardship in your practice and in the system every day. You may be wondering though how you will ever find ‘extra’ time to prepare your residents for the challenges associated with stewardship?

Introducing three new toolkits (Foundations of Resource Stewardship, Undertaking a Resource Stewardship Project During Postgraduate Training, and Communicating with Patients and Families About Resource Stewardship) to help you teach residents the foundations of resource stewardship. Designed for you to use with as much or as little adaptation as you choose; the toolkits include things like modifiable power point slide decks, annotated bibliographies, how-to guides, etc.”

Learn more and peruse these toolkits here.

Berwick D and AD Hackbarth. Eliminating Waste in US Health Care. JAMA. 2012;307(14):1513-1516

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