“In British Columbia the current system of care for children with neurodevelopmental disorders does not appear to recognize there are two distinct patient populations: in one the children have few comorbidities and need limited specialized intervention and support, while in the other the children have significant mental health comorbidities and sometimes extremely challenging behaviors that require intervention for which funding is not readily available. Where this second population is concerned, vigorous family advocacy is required to access services and family breakdown can result. The Child and Youth with Special Needs division of the MCFD operates on an underlying assumption that parents are able and willing to take on a case manager role to access appropriate resources. This role is usually not appropriate for parents whose children have a dual diagnosis and require guidance and additional support to access specialized services.

BC needs policies and practices that recognize and address the complex needs of children with a dual diagnosis.”

Falling Through the Cracks: How Service Gaps Leave Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Mental Health Difficulties Without the Care they Need by Erika Ono, MSW, RSW Robin Friedlander, MD, FRCPC Tamara Salih, MD, FRCPC via BCMJ.

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