Big news on the UBC front! CHIME telescope detects second-ever repeating fast radio burst! I think it’s Dave. He seems to pop up every 9 years right? 2001…2010…2019!

Here’s what else caught my eye this week:

Interpersonal medicine already exists. It’s called family medicine.

There is a danger that our growing exposure to beautifully presented images of food having detrimental consequences.” Eating with our eyes: From visual hunger to digital satiation.

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in kids.

Amphetamine- and Opioid-Affected Births: Incidence, Outcomes, and Costs, United States, 2004–2015.

Why a medieval woman had lapis lazuli hidden in her teeth.

Doctors as patients.

UBC CHES Event! Lies, Damned Lies, and Surveys (Jan 16).

What do surgery and airline travel have in common?

Best medical apps (so far)

The International Performing Arts Vancouver PuSh Festival is back! (various venues, Jan 17–Feb 3).

Need to improve your leadership style? Two things you can do right now.

Have a great weekend and enjoy some time outdoors!


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