Greetings! This month’s Journal Club is a debate on Opioid Standards. Please take some time over the next couple of weeks to prepare your team and arguments. Please make your final team member selections by January 14th. See the following documents as reference:

  • Safe Prescribing of Opioids and Sedatives FAQs via College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia
  • Will the new opioid guidelines harm more people than they help? Yes (via Romayne Gallagher and Lydia Hatcher)
  • Will the new opioid guidelines harm more people than they help? No (via Nav Persaud)

Format will be as follows:

  • Opening statement: 10 minutes
  • Confer with team: 10 minutes
  • Rebuttal: 5 minutes
  • Confer with team: 5 minutes
  • Closing statement: 5 minutes
  • Judges: Include faculty and clinical staff. We will debate for 5 minutes to determine the winner.
  • Total time: 70 minutes

Traditionally, we like to include a few additional challenges and opportunities to score extra points. Scoring will be as follows:

  • Winning opening statement: 10 points
  • Debating while standing on a BOSU (What is a BOSU?):
    • 1 point / minute (soft side)
    • 2 points / minute (flat side)
    • If you do it on one leg, the points will double
    • 5 points / minute if you can handstand it!
  • Winning rebuttal: 10 points
  • Winning closing: 10 points
  • Overall winner: 20 points
  • Teammate not showing up (without a reason): MINUS 10 points
  • Teammate late (without a reason or with no text to Dr. Liu explaining why): MINUS 5 points
  • Going overtime (each 30 second block): MINUS 1 point

WINNING TEAM receives:
A dessert with their team name emblazoned on it at the next Journal Club or I’ll make you homemade ice cream and you can design the flavour! Your choice!

A big thank you to Dr. Liu for creating such an engaging and interactive Journal Club session!

Good luck!

Warm regards,


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