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Our New Crew! (Left to Right: Dr. Joseph Westgeest, Dr. Jennafer Wilson, Dr. James Dueckman, Dr. Daniel Metcalf, Dr. Aarondeep Shokar, Dr. Ellie Parton, Dr. Nikate Singh, and Dr. Jennifer Liang. Front: Jacqueline Ashby (Coach) and Ann Douglas (Site Coordinator).

Hello All!
The Abbotsford-Mission Residency Program welcomes our new 2017 Residents! Captured above is our final day of Orientation, where our Site Coordinator Ann Douglas and Program Coach Jacqueline Ashby guided the Residents on a reflective walk. In silence, we hiked up to Mission’s Westminster Abbey. At the top, each Resident was handed a journal and then settled in the forest to write about their thoughts and experiences over the past few days. We then reconvened to talk and take photos. After a short break, we headed back down the mountain and shared a hearty meal together.

20170716_134801 copy.jpg

Our Site Director Dr. Holden Chow and Coordinator Ann Douglas redesigned our Resident Orientation from a one-day event to a week-long experience to introduce our new physicians to the program, preceptors, and surrounding community. This revitalization also included the creation of our new Academic Expectations & Guidelines authored by Dr. Iris Liu. Research indicates that providing Residents a structured, comprehensive orientation contributes to their confidence; teaching skills; sense of inclusion; and program retention and success (English, 2013; Hiraoka, Kamikawa, McCartin, Kaneshiro, 2013). Included in this week were workshops on administration; assessment and evaluation; professionalism; and academic expectations. Team activities included a R1/R2 city-wide scavenger hunt and BBQ at Dr. Chow’s home!

20170704_093528 copy.jpg
Pictured above is a tower building exercise that explores how educators, new learners, and evaluators work together to achieve a common goal.

We look forward to learning more about and from our new physicians as they integrate their ideas, passions, and innovations into our community!

English, D. 2013. Smoothing the Transition from Residents to Attending Physician Using Mentors. Physician Executive Journal.

Hiraoka, M, Kamikawa, G, McCartin, R, and Kaneshiro, B. 2013. A Pilot Structured Resident Orientation Curriculum Improves the Confidence of Incoming First-Year Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents.

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