Dr. Go-At. Courtesy of Maan Farms. Image via Dylaina Gollub.

Excerpt of Dr. Go-At’s Interview with Dr. Liu on delivering telemedicine. Conducted at the Abbotsford-Mission Pub & Papers Scholar Evening 2020.

Dr. Go-At: G.O.A.T.! It will help you with telemedicine.

G stands for GATHER information.  So, listen to your patient and gather as much info as possible. Remember William Osler said, “Listen to your patient. He’s telling you the diagnosis.”

O stands for OBSERVE. You can still observe a lot of things. Is the speech rapid? Slow? Do they sound breathless? Do they sound happy? Sad? I bet you can almost do a full MSE with speech alone!

Dr. Liu: You can???

Dr. Go-At: Kid–you got so much to learn. And A stands for AFFIRM. Affirm with your patient. These are awkward times. Be honest with them. You don’t know the answer either. They will respect you the better for it. And finally, T stands for TEST.

Dr. Liu: TEST??!? How do you TEST in time of COVID?! The labs are closed, the x-rays are closed, the ER is…well it’s not closed, in fact, it’s too empty.

Dr. Go-At: Test–if it’s an earache–you know the timeline of event. Test! Book another appointment–follow through. If you got the diagnosis, you know the timeline. So, check your work by booking another appointment. It’s that simple!

Dr. Liu: G.O.A.T!

Dr. Go-At: Yes! G.O.A.T. Gather, Observe, Affirm, Test. Try it. Forget the SOAP note. It’s a lot of silly suds with no substance.

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Working Well: Virtual Meetings

StaffOutside“Virtual meetings can sometimes be more fatiguing than face-to-face meetings as we work harder to process non-verbal cues, tone of voice, and body language, while being cognizant of our own communication and learning new technologies.

In light of an increased need for screen time in our professional and personal lives, the following tips and strategies may help restore some balance – whether you attend or organize meetings…”

Check out these tips on UBC’s Working Well: Virtual Meetings. You could also apply many of the suggestions, such as those on visual ergonomics, in the design of your virtual care practice.



Update: Resident Video Reviews


Greeting Preceptors & Residents!

Just a gentle reminder to please buddy up and complete your four video reviews this year. As many of you are delivering virtual care from your clinics, this is a great opportunity to hone your telepractice skills and webside manner.

Find attached our updated version of the FAQs on Video Reviews that takes into account some of our current constraints. If you have any questions or concerns regarding conducting observations, please contact me at jacqueline.ashby@ubc.ca.

Warm regards,

Site Faculty Lead, Assessment & Evaluation