“When Ellen King’s husband Eliyah was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2020, it was just the start of a long health journey — one that would require the couple to travel far from home to Ottawa frequently and for long periods.

That’s because there are few oncologists — cancer specialists — who work in the North. The first time King and her husband travelled for Eliyah’s treatments, they left in December, and they didn’t return home until May.

‘It’s horrible, cause we have to leave our family, we have to leave our friends and worst of all we have to leave our fur baby — and the dog is Eliyah’s shadow and they do everything together,’ King said.

Starting this week, the couple’s stress over cancer treatments might lift at least a little — for the first time ever in Nunavut, an oncologist team will be offering follow-up care to some cancer patients at the Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit, in the territory’s first specialty cancer clinic.”

More on ‘It’s just better being at home’: New clinic brings cancer care to Nunavut via CBC.

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