Chidiebere Ibe’s recent illustration of a fetus has gone viral. From Nigeria, he told CBC News: ‘I’m glad that people are blessed by the work and people feel that it’s time to make great change.’ (Chidiebere Ibe)

“Ware wanted to share the illustration to say, ‘Look, we can do better — this is what it looks like to make change in the medical industrial complex.’

‘This young medical illustrator who’s training to be a neurosurgeon is doing just that. He’s interrupting the process of white supremacy and instead saying, in fact, I want to imagine Black babies being born in this world, so I’m going to draw them … It really shows the importance of representation and supporting those medical illustrators who can actually tell our stories as part of their medical work.'” 

More on llustration of Black fetus has Canadian parents, educators calling for diversity in medical resources via CBC.

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